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Saturday, 28 June 2014

I.C.E Medical Alert System

The I.C.E (In Case of an Emergency) Medical Alert System is designed to help alert the 1st person to a situation and the Emergency Services of your vital information including medical conditions and where your medicines are located.

The range also boasts practical, highly visible medicine pouches and a rucksack.

The term I.C.E (In case of an emergency) was originally a campaign started by a paramedic to save an I.C.E contact in your phone. With technology developing most phones now have a phone lock thus making them unable to access those details.

Designed by a mother of a child with anaphylactic allergies, the I.C.E range has been designed from a clear need for practical products that helps make living with a medical condition easier and can help save a life.
For UK preppers, if you or a family member have medical conditions then this could be an essential part of your disaster preparedness as well as being prepared for everyday emergencies.

Health Triangle Magazine ( are offering a lucky winner the opportunity to own one of these invaluable kits. To enter, simply visit the magazine and get your free copy.

For more information on this exciting new product, visit
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