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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Public Health England heatwave plan 2014

John Hicks writes that UK preppers might like to know that the “Heatwave Plan for England” has been released for operation by Public Health England.
Its objective is to protect the population from heat-related harm to health, by raising awareness of the negative health effects of severe heat and enabling services and the public to prepare and respond appropriately.

It is an important component of long term and emergency planning – and our own disaster preparedness - which will become increasingly relevant in adapting to the impacts of climate change [1].

Information newly released comprises:
   *   the Heatwave Plan for England 2014;
   *   Making the Case, a companion document giving further information on a range of topics
        related to the Heatwave Plan; and
   *   three information pamphlets containing action cards based on the plan for easy use by
        organisations, staff and the public.

The plan sets out a series of clear actions to being prepared minimise the effects of severe heat on health, to be taken by the NHS, social care and other public agencies; professionals working with vulnerable people; and individuals and local communities.
The Plan continues to be underpinned by the Heat-Health Watch service. The UK Met Office will issue Heatwave Alerts from 1 June 2014 to 15 September 2014.

Following consultation with stakeholders, no significant or immediate changes were considered essential this year. Therefore, the only changes to content have been the removal of specific dates relevant only to 2013.

The plan has been jointly agreed between Public Health England, the Department of Health, NHS England, the Local Government Association and other stakeholders. It continues to be underpinned by the Heat-Health Watch service, developed with the Met Office to alert key stakeholders to the likelihood of severe hot weather in different parts of the country, so they can take appropriate action.

1.      Public Health England (2014) "Heatwave plan for England - protecting health and reducing harm from severe heat and heatwaves" 13 May.

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