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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Hunting With a Crossbow Techniques and Methods


With strict gun controls here in the UK, arming ourselves and equipping ourselves for defence as part of our emergency planning and disaster preparedness is very difficult.

I have often wondered about crossbows which I have seen offered for sale.

The crossbow turned the tide in several conflicts during the late medieval period because practically anyone could use one – whether it was hunting with a crossbow or fighting with a crossbow – this weapon made its mark.

Long bowmen were highly skilled thus highly valued warriors. To become a master at the longbow took years of training and dedication. Therefore, only a select few could be counted on to use the weapon effectively.

This reduced the overall effectiveness of the army until a weapon came along that even the untrained archer could master. The crossbow soon became a popular weapon with armies and hunters alike because of its ease of use and power.

Today modern hunters and others still use the crossbow for various reasons and anyone considering a weapon for hunting while in a wilderness environment should seriously consider a crossbow.

A crossbow is silent and is ideal for covert operations and on hunting trips. Flying bolts will not scare the game off like loud gunfire. If you find yourself in a survival situation, you may not want to reveal your location to others. Using a crossbow for hunting is ideal in these circumstances.

To find out more about crossbows, there is a really interesting article which I found:

It’s well worth a read.

Now, I must say that I am not sure where we stand in the eyes of the law here in the UK about possessing what might be seen as an “offensive weapon” – I would love to hear from someone who can advise on this.

In the meantime – stay safe, stay health and be prepared!



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