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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Welcome to Prepping UK from UK Health Radio

By health and wellness radio talk show, John Hicks, of The Health Kicks Show on UK Health Radio - which is syndicated to radio stations worldwide and available on demand on iTunes and Podbean

This is just a brief note to welcome you to my new blog on prepping in the UK.

It is intended as a gentle introduction for people new to prepping as well as an opportunity for established preppers to share their expertise and passion with a whole new audience.

My name is John Hicks and I present a health and wellness radio show on UK Health Radio. My interest in prepping, however, started some years ago when the UK government circulated a newsletter warning every household that we should have enough supplies to last at least two weeks in the event of a national or regional emergency.

So, I began to stock up and build up reserves, including equipment such as gas heaters and a small generator. In the severe winter of 2010, these became very useful when heavy snowfall drew transport to a complete standstill for a week or more so that shop shelves became depleted and it was too cold for petrol station pumps to operate.

Then when we founded UK Health Radio, we had the opportunity to air The UK Prepper Radio Show with Tom Linden. His interesting insights into practical prepping caused me to become even more interested and to share ideas in The Health Kicks Show.

I am now looking particularly how traditional herbal remedies and natural medicines could, in the absence of medications on pharmacy shelves, could treat everyday ailments and common conditions the natural way of our forefathers!

I hope you find my blog interesting. If you have expertise and a passion for this subject, do please share your blogs with me by writing to - and join me on Twitter @preppingUK

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