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Saturday, 28 December 2013

A simple definition of prepping in the UK

By John Hicks of the UK Health Radio's weekly talk radio health and wellness 'Health Kicks Show'

So what is 'prepping' and who are 'preppers'.

Here in the UK, there are a growing number of people to devote some of their time and resources to learning about and preparing for  a major disaster in their locality which restricts the about of government resources to be able to support them in the immediate future.

Our newspapers, radio news and television news broadcasts are increasingly bringing us information about catastrophic events such as violent tornadoes, hurricanes and other natural disasters which are are on the increase.

The world economy is still faltering and many are facing an uncertain financial future. Some people believe that the world will end because of an economic disaster; while others believe that there may be an EMP from a solar eclipse or the polar shift scientists have discovered will devastate the world we live in. All believe that in their lifetime that there will be a tipping point that will create social unrest and chaos.

In times of instability more people are looking for ways to not only provide for their families but to protect them. They want to make sure that in the event of a financial meltdown, catastrophic weather event, EMP, social unrest, or terrorist activity such as an attack on a nuclear power station, that they can provide their loved ones with the basic necessities required to survive.

We all watched in horror at the TV images of looting in riots here in the UK. And we stand by helpless when striking lorry drivers at petrol refineries threatened to starve fuel stations of the petrol and diesel supermarket delivery drivers needed to re-stock the shop shelves.

Those people who have decided to rely on themselves rather than waiting for the government to come in and rescue them from a crisis are called Preppers.

I am not an extreme prepper. I am ensuring that I have enough food, water, medicines and basic essentials for at least four weeks. But I am also looking at how I could take care of, and protect, my family over an extended period.

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