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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Tom Linden's Show: 26th January 2014

In this week's UK Prepper Radio Show (aired on Sunday on UK Health Radio), Tom discusses:

Blizzard Survival Discount Offer, Ribz Discount Offer and the Wilderness121 Discount Offer, So can We Catch Parasites from Foraged Foods? 5 More Survival Uses of Pine Resin, How to Make Hardtack, Pine Pitch for Fire Lighting, Britons Must Dig for Survival, support these companies, Pine Needle Tea, How to make hardtack, Survival Fishing Kit, Survival Gadgets, Survival and Stress, Surviving SHTF, some more companies to support, How to Stop Bleeding With Black Pepper, Knowledge and Training, Survival Trapping, Surviving in the Wood, further companies to support, Tips for Over Night Survival, Survival Napping, Survival Preparedness, A Rough Guide to Radioactivity, How to Use the Internet When the Internet Is Gone.

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