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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tom Linden is back on air on UK Health Radio dotcom

Our good friend Tom Linden (pictured), a leading light on the UK prepping scene, has been off poorly so I am absolutely delighted that he is well enough to produce a new edition of his popular UK prepper radio show.

Join Tom on UK Health Radio at 12 noon London time (repeated for a worldwide audience at midnight GMT) at

This Sunday, Tom discusses surviving SHTF, Out and About, support these companies, Emergency Survival Items Bug-Out-Bag, I am just, The Gloves are off Post SHTF, Flooded Out- Humour, The Many Uses for A Bandana, Campfire recipes, more companies to support, Stealth Camping, Wilderness Hygiene, Dear Mr Cameron, The Effects of EMP, Further companies to support, Butchered Sheep – Empty Shelves - No Power, Inland fish for food, Survival Knives, Crossing Rivers, Uses of a Pocket Knife.

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