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Sunday, 16 February 2014

What's in Tom LInden's radio show this week on UK Health Radio?

Tom Linden starts this week's UK Preppers Show on UK Health Radio (12 noon, repeated midnight) with the Blizzard Survival Discount Offer, Ribz Discount Offer and the Wilderness121 Discount Offer, The Next Plane Could Bring a Pandemic, The office preppers EDC (Every Day Carry kit), Top preparedness uses for black bags, Field made weapons, tools, and equipment, support these companies, Inland fish for food, Route Planning, Bugging In, The simplest Survival Navigation Technique, more companies to support, Wild Camping, Basic Survival Skills, Signal Crayfish, further companies to support, Survival essentials, Urban Survival Skills for Surviving Disaster, Surviving a Flood, Survival Hygiene, Wilderness Gathering

Join Tom for some great tips on how to prepare yourself for the days we hope will never come!

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